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About Shop Share Paid Affiliate App

1 in 4 of your customers is likely to become an affiliate for your brand if they were offered a commission for every sale they brought in. Now you can make your customers your very own influencers with Shop Share Paid. Imagine the increase in your revenue if every 4th customer got you a sale or more. The difference is huge, which makes this app essential to your E-commerce store.

How it Works

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Step 1

You set the commission you want to pay customers who become affiliates. Every time you receive a sale from your affiliates discount link, your affiliate gets paid the commission you set within the app. We pay your affiliate for you so you don't have to manage transfers as this could be really difficult if you end up having thousands of affiliates.

Step 2

When a new customer purchases from your store, they automatically become an affiliate and given tools to promote their very own discount code right from your thank you page.

shop share paid
shop share paid

Step 3

Your customer is now your very own powerful influencer/affiliate. Your new affiliate is emailed a quick account setup so they can continue to promote your brand and get paid commission. We continue to engage with them so they can keep promoting your brand.

Step 4

Your new affiliates turn their customers into your affiliates and your affiliate program continues to scale.

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Why Shop Share Paid

Shop Share Paid helps over 1000 Shopify stores succeed with affiliate marketing.

Seamless Setup

You can easily set up and customize it. No coding skills needed.

Increase Conversion Rate

Take your social proof to the next level and double, triple, or quadruple your conversion rates.

Increase Sales

Increase your sales exponentially as your affiliates bring on more affiliates. This is the easiest and fastest way to grow without spending more money on paid traffic.

happy to help

We are also Shopify Merchants and understand how difficult running an E-commerce brand can be. We have a wealth of knowledge and love to help you grow your brand. Contact us anytime to discuss any questions you may have. We are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year because online businesses don't have holidays.

Our Plans & Pricing

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The Transaction fee is only charged when your affiliate gets you a sale. This fee is charged by the payment gateway which covers paying your affiliate their commission each time they bring you a sale.

All Prices shown above are in US Dollars.

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Customer Reviews

What others are saying about us

“The most upsetting thing about this app is not knowing about it earlier. This app has helped our main product go viral. It is a no brainer to add this app to your store and i wish i learnt about it earlier..”

Linda Edwards
Beauty By Light
“This app should come default with Shopify. The idea is so simple yet nobody thought of it until Shop Share Paid. Our coffee sales have more than doubled just by installing this app.”

Jake Warren
Coffee Hero
“I love how iI get paid to shop. I earned $400 in commission last month for doing nothing but sharing one link on my Instagram and facebook.”

Kim Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

The Shop Share Paid is a tangible application of the “Shop Share Paid”, defined by Merriam-Webster as: “a situation in which one action or event causes many other similar actions or events”. The Shop Share Paid involves the event of acquiring a new customer as a catalyst to the acquisition of many new customers. This is accomplished by our custom thank you page, as well as many other included features. To better explain just how powerful the Shop Share Paid is, let’s compare and contrast an example store with and without Shop Share Paid.

  • You run a facebook ad and get a sale. The customer is happy with the product and brand experience, yet has no way to share their positive experience or help your brand. You have an affiliate sign up form on your website, yet only about 1 in 50 customers sign up. The few affiliates you do have do not know how to effectively bring you more customers, and give up promoting your products after a couple weeks.

    1) Ad spend to acquire the customer: $10
    2) Customer’s lifetime value: $40
    3) Affiliate revenue generated from customer: $0
    4) Profit: $30

  • You run a facebook ad and get a sale. Without any additional action, the customer is created an affiliate account and is given a discount code to share across social media to their friends, family, and followers, with the incentive that they will get paid commision off of the sales they generate. This new affiliate is provided with practical, easy to consume content that teaches them how to be the most effective ambassador they can be. The affiliate shares their code and gets 3 new sales for your store. These 3 customers are also automatically created affiliate accounts, and bring you in a total of 12 new customers, who likewise bring in even more customers and your network of affiliates exponentially grows. You only paid to acquire that first customer, yet now you have a massive network of customers growing on autopilot. This is what’s called the Shop Share Paid, and it will make your marketing dollars go significantly further than ever before.

    1) Ad spend to acquire the customer: $10

    2) Customer’s lifetime value: $40
    3) Affiliate revenue generated directly from customer: $120
    4) Affiliate revenue generated from the Shop Share Paid: Unlimited
    5) Profit: Unlimited

Unlike other affiliate marketing apps that leave almost every happy customer without a way to share their love for your brand, Shop Share Paid will convert all of your customers, and even a big percentage of non-buying store visitors, into motivated affiliates. On top of that, we equip your affiliates with straightforward, easy to consume content that teaches them how to be the best affiliate possible.

We understand you may already be using another affiliate marketing program. For this reason, we have created a seamless and easy process to transfer all of your affiliates from your current affiliate marketing app into Go Viral Quick. For more detailed instructions on how to import existing affiliates, click here.

Absolutely! Beyond our thank you page sharing feature we provide our merchants with an affiliate sign-up form they can add to their website. Even better, our merchants can activate an on-site pop-up for browsing visitors that will transport visitors directly to the affiliate sign-up form.

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